The First Fish

Stephen Cox writes fishy tales for anglers and other human beings.

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Anglers love telling stories. Usually these stories are based on personal experience. The stories this book, however, are entirely fictional. They involve all sorts of different characters from the very young to the very old, and beyond. Any resemblance to actual anglers is purely coincidental. One or two of the stories are directly concerned with issues within the world of angling but most address themselves to wider themes. Some are humorous. Some are sad. Some are mysterious. Several of them have been published in an angling magazine but here they are collected together for the first time.


4 reviews of “The First Fish”

  1. You don’t have to know one end of a fishing rod from the other to enjoy these evocative, leanly written stories. Though the solitary pursuit of hidden rivers and the silvery fish that swim in them are vividly represented, the rituals of angling serve as a spyhole for observations of equally obscured human lives.

  2. I enjoyed these stories – light but engaging and just long enough for a short train ride. The First Fish would make a good present for an angler with an e-reader waiting for the first bite.

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