Almost Grown

Pete Fowler’s picaresque memoir of schooldays and his musical awakening. A story of sex, trains, death and rock’n’roll.

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Pete Fowler has been a writer, lecturer, university professor, railway enthusiast, question-setter for Johnny Walker’s Radio One quiz, Pop the Question, and very nearly a rock star. Almost Grown opens with a brush with death and proceeds to explore the author’s awakening to life, in the Fifties and early Sixties, through the medium of music. It ends with an actual death. All in all, the story of a journey of self-discovery to a rock’n’roll soundtrack, by turns funny, moving and insightful. Everyone will benefit from sharing that journey.


4 reviews of “Almost Grown”

  1. Pete’s book is sometimes moving, sometimes hilarious, but always passionate and thought-provoking. He’s always deserved more readers, and I hope this book brings them in, in droves.

  2. I am loving every page of this book and I cannot put it down! This is a wonderful book in which the author examines his adolescence with a refreshing and sometimes shocking honesty. There are painful memories, poignant moments and many incidents that will make you laugh out loud. For any Rock and Roll music fans out there – you will love this book as Pete Fowler remembers every momentous record and associated events in incredible detail. The fascinating insight into the author’s family and social life in 1950’s England is, as well as all this, an important document of this incredible period of social change.

  3. Pete Fowler’s memoir adds to our understanding of the Sixties, a much maligned and misunderstood decade…

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